Arnold's Two-point Program

Hey, I can get away with this, because I'm a republican. Can you imagine a democrat getting away with a picture like this! It would have been all over the media - FOX news and CNN, with "experts" "analyzing" it. I have the fullest trust in Californians. They have elected an airhead actor before. I also have the fullest trust in the Americans, for my future "plans". Look what we have in the White House now ... another airhead loser business man! Trust me I can speak better English than that Bozo. God Bless America and the Lapdog Conservative Media! We repugs can get away with ANYTHING! ( Later, his advisor told him he cannot have any future "plans" as he is not a natural born US citizen, to which Arnold replied, "I'm an US citizen and I was born naturally. Ask my mother." )

pearly gates