Do You Admit Or Deny That ...

During the Impeachment "proceedings" the Republicans were unsatisfied with the President's replies to those 81 RIDICULOUS questions sent by Mr.Henry "youthful-indiscretion" Hyde, hoping that Mr.Clinton would somehow trip. The complaint was that the replies were TOO TECHNICAL and LEGALISTIC. I wonder what the problem was with that???
Oh I know they were WAY over their TWISTED heads.

Two sample questions were :

Do you admit or deny that

  1. You are the President of the United States?

  2. You are a member of the Arkansas bar association?

I think the following sample questions would have been more along the line in that situation. So, I added the following questions to the list of 81 "questions" ( with regard to 3rd parties too ).

Do you admit or deny that ...

82. You are MORE INTELLIGENT and CHARISMATIC than me and ALL of my GOP cronies in Congress COMBINED ?

83. These Impeachment "Hearings" are a COMPLETE sham and are EXTREMELY partisan ?

84. The REAL intentions of the IC Mr.Kenneth W. Starr and the GOPers in Congress is "to get to the truth" ?

85. The "charges" against you are SO laughable that no INTELLIGENT lawyer would take them seriously ?

86. Ms. Linda Tripp is like ANY other American ?

87. Most of the GOPers in Congress are atleast one-time DIVORCEES and/or ADULTERERS and have lied under oath ?

88. At present the Economy is the STRONGEST and the Crime Rate is the LOWEST in about 30 years ?

89. The GOPers in Congress are more interested in INVESTIGATING your life than LEGISLATING for the country ?

90. The GOP platform is INCREDIBLY STUPID and MYOPIC and our "affiliations" are UTTERLY LOATHSOME ?

91. You and your lawyers were ROLLING ON THE FLOOR in laughter while reading my first 81 questions and had a WONDERFUL time in giving us the "COME-GET-ME IN-YOUR-DREAMS" and/or "CATCH-ME-IF-YOU-CAN replies ?

92. We DUMPED EVERYTHING about the Lewinsky case on the internet and other media for LEGAL and/or SOCIAL merit ?

93. The IC Mr.Kenneth W. Starr WAS speaking "the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth" when testifying in front of the HJC and has been fair and ethical in his investigation ?

94. Your affair with Ms.Monica Lewinsky is MORE serious than my "youthful indiscretion " that BROKE UP A MARRIAGE and Rep.Dan Burton's affair THAT PRODUCED an illegitimate child ?

95. We GOPers in Congress are REALLY "concerned" about the welfare of the American citizens and want to expedite these proceedings ?

96. You are cleaning up the UNBELIEVABLE mess left by Ronald "clueless" Reagan and George "reagan-endorsed" Bush ?

97. We GOPers are sitting here with eggs on our faces, due to the BIG blow-up in the elections ?

98. We GOPers are STILL dreaming about changing the public sentiment against you ?

99. We GOPers are dreaming about RETAINING our majority in Congress in the year 2000 elections ?

100. We GOPers may not be known for our BLINDING intelligence, but we sure are known for our play by the RULES OF OPPORTUNISM ?


george w. bush

pearly gates